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FEB 3 MARKED 3 YEARS OF TTv /// missed that milestone, but im fuckin psyched its come this far. thank you to everyone who reads, this shits worthless without readers, fans, and support.


WOLFDRAWN edits and congo riding... it doesnt get much better than this. both have been in it since 650 front wheels and pop up barspins, and both continue to set the bar high. looks like this is some footage from congo's BRIEF run with SE b@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$%^&*()(*&^%$%^&*()_(*&^%$#%^&*()_)(*&^%$%^&*()_  

royal hc /// jball and elliott

these two have both been blowing minds lately. ive been a fan and follower of both on their come ups, but shit like this is bigger than either of their parts. they're the fucking future. ROYAL HC put together one of the best teams in the game right now... and these two fuckers are definitely blazing a trail. 

payton schwarz for blkmrkt

this ones on some unexpected edit of the week type shit. payton flies way under the radar, but it looks like he's been putting in work and obviously stacked clips for this one. some killer spots in here, editing is clean, style and execution have stepped up a shitload, and that ender is so sick.

gabe winawer /// happy valentines day

this ones for all the hawt males out there. hahaha. i never know when gabes edits are going to be some sarcastic bullshit, or some quality riding. he's equally competent at both. this ones basically a single spot showcase... basic spot, not so basic tricks. if you dont have your eye on gabe these days, you fuckin up.

robert rice /// huntington edit

robert has been hammering out edits lately. i love that kind of shit/// he's on fire right now. his style has progressed a fucklot lately. some creative tricks in the mix, i dig where his heads at these days... always psyched to see whats next from this guy.


some wild style bmx. lets see some fixie shit get reckless like this.

christina /// fixed gear grindzzz

im always psyched to see chicks getting loose. christina has been holding it down since the beginning. sick to see some new shit from her/// thats some serious progress since her last joint too.

skate shiTT /// trong your mind

im a long time supporter of TRONG and everything they put out. solid local skate squad... click through to their blog and check em out.

quick clip /// ricardo lino

THIETH loves a quick clip. THIETH hates HD.

masterfam /// posse clips

masterfam/posse holds it down. they keep the edits coming. signs of progression in here.

big wheel bmx

not bad.

suzkid sunny session

some bmx some fixie shit. one of them fixie bikes looks tiny if i saw correctly, 24?