skate shiTT

sick skateboarding, wild style, killer spots, creative use of spots... good skate shiTT.

jonah kessel /// camera test

came out pretty good /// looks like jonah got a new camera and is working on some creative editing. always essential to step up the filming w/ the riding. 


always digging shit from stranger.

vance tetreault /// sMc

 looking good.

quick clip /// big wheel bmx

fail but still sick // i pretty much will post anything kns.lo does // def my favorite squad when it comes to big bike shit.

700c serpent bike check

BB17 knows whats good and always comes through with quality product. kevin trans build looks dialed. psyched to see more and more of these showing up over here.

n00bs /// justin schual's rainy day

as far as i know this is a first edit. watch out for justin, new to filming and shit, but he got some style on those 180's

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this week its some fixie shit courtesy of francis roque and friends. monday still fucking sucks tho.