FOAD friday / / / cam wood in heaven

cam wood always slays / so much good shit even some bladin gnar gnar / be sure to check out the new KILLJOY site / / / JACKOFFF


this is one of my favorite bauhaus songs. put on a cape and fangs, dance on top of some dead bodies, its friday.

the hisTTory channel /// wolfdrawn

this one came up the other day so i had to dig it up and watch it again. so fucking sick hahahaha. only someone like matt would come up with shit like this. if you remember /// i had a quick clip contest going and matt decided to participate for fun... it was hard NOT to pick this as the winner, i was so fucking "juiced" on it. watch it again. classic piece of fgfs "history".

skate shiTT

heroin skateboards keeps the hits coming. new video in the works, psyched too see this one unfold.

jaoa x zontrac remix

ZONTRAC keeps their presence strong lately. some really clean execution in here, and i dig the skids rather than the hoppy pedal checks. shit looks smoothe, jaoa's style keeps developing and always in a good direction.


caught this one by way of ninjacats likes on vimeo. some creative pegless riding is always good for a watch. def digging this one.

fixie shiTT?

some eurobike trade show coverage, some fixie shit, some fgfs shit.


finally fucking friday // do some party