jimmy watcha + iminusd

you knew from the first edit he dropped that he's here to fuck shit up... and look at this fucker now. killing shit. so many good clips in here. crook 180, so many good lines, good style, stacked footage, and im feeling that cam soundtrack haha. dont even fuck around, watch this shit.

cole and oscar

real fucking psyched to see cole back in the mix. seems like he disappeared for a while there, but he's looking better than ever right now. this is definitely some must see TTv shit, so dont miss it... the ender is fucked, oscar, you got nuts son. haha.

skate shiTT

jason adams keeps shit original and has his own way of doing things. this is a classic part from him. his mentality applies whichever sport you wanna do with yourself///do that shit your own way. the music might be questionable, but the spots and riding are whats good.

robert rice /// iphone clips

robert rice is staying at it in 2013 /// keeping the edits coming. his bike handling is really on point right now. he looks real comfortable on his bike. psyched to see a stacked edit from this fucker sometime this year, im sure he's capable bringing some serious shit to the mix.

grime /// in that city bridge park #2

some skatepark fuck around from lino and friends. sometimes this  fucking guy catches me off guard with the shit he comes up with. always entertaining.


digging up some old shit for this one.... not that old, but if you never seen banned4 you should probably watch all of it.

big wheel bmx

big bikes and molly music haha. wtf else you want.