taylor STILL POUR dwight

dont call it a come back /// but taylor is definitely back at it. he's one of the originals that fucking helped shape fgfs// after a brief hiatus he's back with a more refined signature style and im digging his riding more than ever these days. stay at it taylor // shits developing real fucking good.

injured and bored

doesnt look like an injury is holding back riding here haha. some pretty big shit for an edit during an injury. the spots in this one are so sick. so many trees up there.... and that ender is fucking big. this squad is killing shit lately.

jakob santos /// a day in the bay

santos is relentless with the edits. keeps that shit coming non stop. he has some fucking sick clips in here// and there footage from johnny coward in it too. killing it, dude is looking real good on his bike these days.

skate shiTT

david gravette's skating is worth the watch /worth the hype these days. here's some flashback footage.


some fuck around shit from gabe /// when is he not fucking around. obviously love soda.

miguel zendejas /// twofer

two flicks from miguel /// some pretty good shit. im pumped on that front yard ramp. looks like some fun shit to chill out and ride... and sam in that first edit has some serious potential. 180 bars like nothing.


always on that bonedeth shit. i cant get enough. the bike builds are coming out sick as fuck. anyone pushing a bonedeth whip?

n00bs /// 5 flicks

this is a pretty good showing for a first edit. dylan hit me up on fb with this/// always psyched to see some n00b shit where time was spent stacking clips//psyched to see what comes next. robert rice put this one together for josh nieves /// theres potential here... and riding with robert will defintiely progress things quicker. fixies and bmx in the mix here. long beach local shit//thats whats good. yung quick clip. world wide.

him chan's fixie factory experience

here's a photo show of himchans visit to the fixie factory. talk about fucking living the dream/// this fucker was deep in it for about 3 months. nothing but fixies and vacation.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

high speed face plant. reminds me of driving to work on mondays.

fixie shiTT

this and other corporate exploitation of fixies makes them look way cooler. gets these very dedicated fixie riders who hold our community together to make money, and furthers our sport. i can see why its essential to our community to use fixies in vehicle marketing. im getting one of these cars for sure now... just wondering if anyone knows a custom painter that could hit the hood with a macdonalds logo. also, do they make a fixie freestyle version?