.hidden beneath the leaves.

jackson wallace edits are WAAAAY too few and way too far between. i wish this guy would keep shit like this coming consistently. the music is mesmerizing, the footage is dark/styled, the tricks are creative... this is some excellent entertainment with quality riding to back it up///if you never seen his edit .cleanse your doors. // click through and watch for the slam... one of the most brutal/memorable slams in the game.

devin STILL POUR tolman

these STILL POUR edits keep getting better. this ones real sick. lots of variety, good lines, unconventional riding, good spots, good shit all around. its good to see these guys progressing, and bringing a necessary element to fgfs. the last couple slams are sick too.

jonah kessel and gabe winawer

this ones titled "quicky + extras" // i think the extras are really where the magic happens, steven jensen makes an appearance in az, they go to chacons house, and they really capture the type of shit that makes an edit worth watching. this isnt just a web edit, its a web edit plus extras.

skate shiTT

if you have 9 minutes, and you like to watch skateboaring... do yourself a fucking favor and watch this shit.

slyfix /// sonny ony

i never know what to expect from this kid... but he definitely has some potential and im always psyched to see some shit from jakarta // still blows my mind they ride fgfs out there.


im a big fan of muffin man /// been reading DAHSTREETS for a long time now.


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