First, I want to give a shout out to THIETH and all the in-house bloggers that have contributed in the past and the people who currently still add to this epic site every fucking day. TTv has never wavered from it's mission to support the core and help cause total mayhem. So a big fucking THANK YOU for officially letting me fuck with this.

So enough with the bullshit, let's get right into it.

It's one of my favorites... Yeah, it's not Fixed Freestyle, but inspiration comes from a fuck load of places. Ultimately, I get stoked to see someone go fast, crash hard, and go big. Don't get me wrong, technicality is some godly shit, but I'm more of the #GOFORBROKE type' mutha fucka.

Like a bird in the sky! from kirk on Vimeo.

When it come to bikes, getting broke off at times allows you to understand limits and how to push pass those limits. Crashing is simply pushing the edge-- feeling out how far you can push your talent. It's not a bad thing and yeah, that shit is usually hilarious and fucking hurts, but none-the-less crashing is all part of the game called progression. If you can take a fall, #MANUP, and go back at it again even harder then before, then give yourself some props, you're fucking progressing.

Here's my proposal, and since it's my first post, use this and go out and try something new, something you're currently fucking afraid of. No matter if it's on your fixed, bmx, skate, or some other shit, just go test your current fears. Even if you don't complete your attempt, film it, post it, tag @THIETH, and reference this. Make sure to finish your day hard with your head up. At least you did something fucking new with your life today.

Scare yourself everyday, don't live fucking numb.


Photo: Slumworm #Wheeltalk

winter shred

you can see the snow up on the mountains outside la right now /// so i thought some winter shred should get in the mix. gus is one of my favorites to watch, he keeps it unconventional and has a style all his own. not to mention this edit has some sick eye magic in it. worth the watch for sure.


I'm real fucking proud to introduce the latest "blogger" to the "team" over here at TTv /// KENNY ARIMOTO is sick mothefucker. he's been killing it on his bike since way way back, he's been a crucial part of keeping things moving forward with constant involvement in events, and not only that///but every time he participates in anything, he goes hard as fuck and dies trying. im constantly inspired by this fucker, ive "known" him for a couple years now, even if just by shooting the shit on the internet mostly. he's been a great encourager both to fgfs, and to me directly. real fucking psyched to have him in the mix here. 

he'll be bringing some motivational messages to mondays from now on... so stay posted to TTv. 

marco marquez /// throwaway

ROYALHC put this one together of marco... i completely disagree with the throwaway title. thats some bullshit. theres serious clips in here. marco has come up quick and continues to catch me off guard. watch the fuck out for this kid, he's already killing it and keeps progressing.

the hisTTory channel /// the first midwest mayhem

tone shared this up on fb and i couldnt resist posting it. these were the "glory days" or some shit like that. everyone was so hyped on fgfs, the bullshit beef was minimal if at all present, and everyone wanted to get together and ride. shit was fucking brand new, and this was the first contest that really lit a fucking fire under people. shit was insane at the time. huge turnout, super high energy /// if you dont know whats good, watch this and get your head right. this is the "essence" of where we came from.

shredwell 2 jam /// san jose

more from the recent shredwell 2 premier in san jose. everyone met up to ride before and after the video. some killer shit goes down, lots of energy here. fgfs nees more of this juice flowing through its veins.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this is what monday morning feels like at work.


i cant get enough bone deth footage. unconventional awesome shit as usual.


scenes from the island in sf /// fixies, bmx, skateboards. sick capture of a classic spot.

skate shiTT

i dig old format video footage. i see some people fucking with it these days... it looks sick as fuck.

n00bs /// three flicks

short is good. will brings a fast paced and concise edit to the mix. theres some creative lines in here, i dig where his heads at psyched to see some progression.

everyone loves a bike check. these se bikes build up good looking.

this ones on some tarck type flashback shit. i can dig that.


 photo tumblr_ly7tpoDRdd1qzr8nao1_500.gif
 photo tumblr_ly7tpoDRdd1qzr8nao1_500.gif
 photo tumblr_ly7tpoDRdd1qzr8nao1_500.gif