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the hisTTory channel

this will stand as a pivotal moment in fixed gear history until the end of time. seeing mike, ed, and torey together in an edit is one thing... but the obvious time they put into this, the clips, the level of riding... the fucking works. this was my favorite moment in grime history thats for goddamn sure. by all means, if you for some reason havent seen this edit, you dont know whats good... watch the fucker now.

skate shiTT

comune has been on point lately with the skate shit. putting some unconventional skate entertainment in front of your face.


its been way too fucking long since i put something witchy up in the mix. this ones pretty good as far as sights and sounds go.

francis roque /// monthly minute

francis is starting a series with this monthly minute title. looks like he's getting better, couple pretty big clips in here.

rooTTs /// triple play

in case you didnt know /// bonedeth is my fucking favorite bmx shit. i cant fucking wait for this to drop.

this one was too good to pass up // multiple brutal faceplants throughout.

caught this one by way of matts likes on vimeo /// some interesting lines and use of spots


some n00bs some familiar names in this one. that footplant up the stairs was fucking sick.

pretty solid for some leftovers. psyched to see some new names coming up. 


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