more lengthy edit type shit for your rainy day viewing. caught this one by way of sean coats likes on vimeo. raw footage style, but sooooo much good shit in here. must see TTv for sure.


i dont really know what to make of this/// but it landed in my vimeo stream and i've come back to it multiple times. i think im into it.

eat shiTT

i missed that monday sucks post this week /// but i gotta get a slam in the mix. caught this one by way of FOAD's likes on vimeo. solid.

skate shiTT

i posted up a trailer for this recently/// and seeing as how its raining today, most of you will be stuck inside bored as shit... perfect weather for a full length.

the hisTTory channel /// tyler johnson/skylmt

this will forever be in my mind as one of the best edits in fgfs history /// tj i <3 always="" bb.="" be="" been="" bikes="" br="" but="" cant="" cleanest="" continues="" days="" every="" everything="" execution="" for="" future.="" game.="" good="" has="" he="" here...="" here="" hooked="" in="" is="" it.="" it="" just="" keep="" killing="" mind="" much="" not="" of="" on="" only="" pegless.="" pegs="" pure="" recently="" see="" set="" shit="" since="" so="" some="" standard="" still="" the="" to="" touched...="" track="" trick="" tricks="" u="" up="" with="" you="">

michael wilson /// throwaway

digging that leaned out slider style in the first clip/// and that bar break is some classic material. pretty solid edit, digging the tunes for sure.


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 photo tumblr_lqgojoYj0T1qav174o1_500.gif
 photo tumblr_lqgojoYj0T1qav174o1_500.gif