matt reyes + specialized 2012

in case you've been wondering what matt reyes has been up to, here's some proof that he's still killing it. theres some serious rewind-it-a-couple-times shit in here. im always psyched on his riding, but it looks like his style and execution hasnt stopped progressing. serious shit straight through /// must see TTv // always fucking killing it... his edits are always fucking dialed.

diego deleon /// iphone tv 2

seems like its been forever since we seen anything from hector /// pumped on this iphone tv series, i hope diego keeps this shit going. that bump to wall spot was pretty sick.

skate shiTT

if you havent seen HOEPHASE yet // here's your chance. this shit is up online in full. if you dont already know, you fuckin up. this has to be one of the best "grass roots" full lengths ive seen in a loooong time, maybe ever? everything from the soundtrack, to the fuck around clips, the way its put together, the skateboarding, the style /// the whole fucking thing is dialed. this is worth owning a copy and keeping in your collection for the rest of time. watch this shit right now.

#RIPMIKEDINH /// jball's mike dinh leftovers

the homage to mike dinh continues. he was probably one of the most underrated fixie shredders, especially when you see people bringing out old footage of him as a tribute. mike held it down, not too many people have "spare" footage on random peoples cameras thats good enough to bring back after they're gone///let alone enough footage for a solid minute and a half like this. #ripmikedinh (forever in our hearts) haha.


RAT SHIT holds it down for the cold northeast // always entertaining, always lots of variety in these edits. real psyched on how this squad has progressed. sounds like theres some riders down, and some weather hodling them all back from riding///so they put this one together of footage they been sitting on. definitely worth a watch or two. #peepgame

desmond cook /// burro mudflaps

desmond hooked up a pair of BURRO mudflaps and put together a quick edit for em. shit came out pretty sick. always psyched on some local fuckers holding it down... always psyched to see more people backing BURRO.

BHSK /// shredwell premier at iminusd

i was surprised to find more than just "event" footage here. some real fucking solid riding went down to kick off shredwell2 at iminusd. BHSK put together some sick footage here, sounds like its the start of something new for him.... hopefully he keeps the edits coming.


this one is longish, but theres so much good shit in here you wont even notice /// "never a dull moment" in this one. so much sick creative shit, fuck around, pure entertainment straight through. i wish shit like this would come through waaay more often.

MoN /// dark dayz

MoN is never not filming. this fucker brings a constant flow of legit material to the mix, rides with almost everyone, and keeps getting better. always psyched to see something new from this guy. its quick//its sick. that up stairs barspin flyout was fucking sick.


this is your dose of "fixie shiTT" right here. FOAD always holds it down... they ride em both freestyle whips and the classic fixie. its cold as fuck out there but they still get wild. always psyched on this squad/psyched to see some TTv fixie shit in the mix // imma stay down with riding fixies too #youknowwhatsgood.

quick clip /// super slowmo

i always dig a quick clip, and who doesnt love some super slow motion footage. sick quick 3 from MEGAMOUTH.

bulltrain /// 0tak winter clippppp

bulltrain has been holding it down for a while now... some pretty sick clips in here.

kyle messier /// meow

just taking his dog out for a walk in the snow... shit looks like fun.

n00bs /// three flicks

jakarta keeps em coming. seems like theres a lot of fgfs riders out there. some rickity ramp front yard shred.

quick one day edit from japan. worldwide fgfs.

some new names holding it down a little closer to home.


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