this is boothby all day's part from CANT FOOL THE YOUTH /// if you havent seen the video yet, this is by all means some must see TTv shit. not only does boothby kill it, but zanes filming and editing is always clean.

209COGS in 2012

209COGS stay filming /// this is obviously a mountain of footage, and theres some real fucking treasures throughout the edit... but my favorite is that boost at 2:10, shit like that never gets old. 

skate shiTT

"visually stunning" // "a treat for your eyes and ears" /// "the most unexpected piece of skateboarding material ive ever seen" /// critics are raving about this one. hahhahaha. i was honestly expecing a music video when i clicked this, completely caught off guard, but definitely psyched on whats here. 100% authentic.

mstrfm /// spicy roll

taco taco burrito burrito //// spicy roll is a slam reel haha.


this probably wont be your new favorite song, but i dig the video and the sound is decent.

quick clip /// winter shred

just some ski hill fuckaround. imma get out there and get my shred on this weekend.

big wheel bmx // KNS.Lo

i think ive posted everything these guys have put out since this one dropped, but its sick to look back sometimes. i think these first couple edits were some of their best. it wasnt until i saw this that i really got pumped on big bike edits... most of that squish fork park and dirt shit is boring IMO /// these guys definitely bring an essential element to the mix. use the tag below to check out more from them.


heres an interesting look at a ride to school in jakarta. i always dig seeing what "life" is like in some other place. so much shit is different.