ninjacats /// jball

jball put this together for those sick NINJACATS fuckers /// and from the look of this shit, he went hard as fuck stacking footage. without a doubt this is some next level shit from jball, he goes HUGE in here. bike control stepped up too // some massive roof drops, big gaps, a couple real good slams (1:16 helmet saves his skull at santa ana park), 1:24 tuck no back wheelie bar was a rewind piece for me. this is the new jball, he is here to fuck shit up.
them NINJACATS dropped these shirts on the store today too /// been seeing these for a little while now, sick fucking graphic for sure. click through and buy some one, grass roots shit is the best purchase, so support rider driven brands and stores.

quick clip /// kenny arimoto

two of my favorite things in one /// footage from kenny, and quick clips. real fucking psyched to see anything from this fucker, even if its just some dick around footage.


if you love ditch spots and street transition, this ones full of it. so many sick spots in here.

skate shiTT

this is a two parter /// first one i snagged from krillz on fb. nothing serious, but lots of creative shred in the mix. the second one is a trailer for a full length that looks like its gunna be sick as fuck.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

i know videos are better than photos, but i snagged this one from facebook cuz its too good /// dumbass should learn how to ride before he goes trying "stunts". fuck mondays, eat shit.

lockedcog /// runner up

LOCKEDCOG put this one together for runner up // some late night parking garage shred. sometimes a solo mission is whats good.

gnaratz sunday funday

brad is hosting a gathering on sundays. im assuming all modes of shred are welcome, bring something to the mix // ramps, rails, boxes, cones, trash cans, w/e.

the captain's hat

that new hat helped him jump higher and go bigger haha. sometimes you gotta get wild with your style, wear whatever the fuck you want all day.




more ice cold, cool boarding for you. slick tunes daddy-o

sick boarding asshole

oh yeah moist boarding for you cummyheads