wheeltalk 2012 extras

as usual, "extras" from WHEELTALK are fucking sick, reyes knows how to put some good shit together /// big variety of spots, riders, styles. so much good shit in here, you'll probably want to watch it a couple times to take it all in, and theres footage from people who arent on regular rotation these days. must see TTv without a doubt.


matt suggested this one and you'll know why straight out the gate. i know that first clip is a fuck up, but its so sick///sets the tone for the rest of the edit. (stolen from THEONLYBMXBLOGTHATMATTERS)

tony k /// squareshit 2012

heres some "leftovers" from tony k and friends from 2012. skate shit mixed with fixed shit is always worth a watch... tony got some friends with sick skate skills too. always good.

skate shiTT

i snagged this one from WILLROSENSTOCK /// i been following this squad on tumblr for a while now, always good shit, lots of edits up over there too. the spot at 2:30 and the ender are some sick fucking highlights.

santos /// epic fixed comp

santos always keeps the web entertainment flowing. heres another look at the epic fixed comp. some people complain about "too many" edits of the same thing, but i think its kinda sick to get different perspectives, everyone captures different tricks/lines/angles, so theres always something new in the mix.

the hisTTory channel

andy sparks sent this one through /// most of the footage is colin mui on the blue wheels... 3 years old, thats some vintage fixie shit IMO, colin has been at it forever haha. so fucking sick to look back on these tarck days, pop up barspins and roll outs, track bikes with 650 front wheels. those were the fucking days for real.

n00bs?? /// woosung kim

this is another one from the alive team /// pretty good shit for a n00b edit. maybe he's dropped edits in the past and i just missed them?


pb is my role model.