machete bike & cavs krew /// chill hea

this shit is soo sick. if you love strippers and bikes, i think you can probably find something to get "stoked" on here haha. kbirdie brings quality entertainment to the table with these edits. im always psyched on where his heads at... and his riding has progressed quite a bit since the last footage we seen from him. cavs krew always puts it down too so you already know. MACHETE is fucking legit, dont miss this /// must see TTv.


im into this, more homage to mike dinh. you can tell he will be missed. if anyone else out there has some sick dinh clips, up that shit and throw the #ripmikedinh tag on it. thanks to tony k for this one. sick shit in here as usual, that line at the one minute mark is sick as fuck.


today is a two parter /// first one is cuz i got that temper too hahaha, when i cant put shit together or i have an off day im one to get pissed at the bike, skateboard, whatever and throw shit. the second one is waaaay outside what i would typically watch, but for whatever reason i clicked the shit, and some of that shit is fucking insane. watch and decide for yourself.


this is a pretty solid stack of footage from a group i dont think ive seen before?