#gonebutnotforgotten /// MoN just up this quick one of mike, that ice is insanely sick. wtf.

toTTal repost /// sam hanson

if i had made some best of 2012 bullshit, this one would be up there pretty high. definitely one of the most memorable edits from 2012, and from someone who flies waaaay under the radar. BALHOGS is the shit/100% real deal. watch this shit again if you already seen it /// and if you havent seen it, you fucked up, click that shit.

winter shred

this ones kind of long /// but theres cool shit throughout, unconventional snowboarding is a real fucking rarity, so take it all in.


i used to post way more shit like this. i think ive already posted this video even, but i saw it in my fb feed and ate it up /// so here it is... again.

monday sucks // eat shiTT

its not monday, i know, but tuesday sucks too. every day where i have to go to work or wake up and do shit basically sucks haha // and i forgot to get one of these up yesterday.