you already know from the title // this is everything good all rolled into one. such a sick edit. so much good shit in here, doubles lines, creative spots, fuck around /// the whole god damn FOAD squad in there too, even some tarck. #youknowwhatsgood /// #yolo #swag #420 #lol

chop em down /// road to epic comp

i havent been able to watch this yet, cuz its too long to fuck with at work /// im sure its the high quality we've come to expect from CHOP EM DOWN. zane always delivers great filming and production and the squad thats in this car is a recipe for entertainment.

camera test

im always a fan of these guys right here. always fucking around, keeping the edits coming.

n00bs? /// SOYng

this ones been on vimeo for a week now, but i missed it somehow. theres some serious potential here. real psyched to see whats next from this squad.


stole this one from matts fb /// creative use of spots straight though this edit. way too sick not to post up.

lockedcog 2012

LOCKEDCOG put together all his 2012 footage to start the new year fresh and get some footage out that he's been holding on to. always sick /// while ur over at his site, check out the 11 QUESTIONS W/ MATT.

masterfam 2012

this ones "lengthy" but pretty good // lots of long beach spots in the mix. masterfam has been holding it down for a little while now. this is probably a footage dump but theres some quality clips in here for sure.

209cogs x fixiefamous

209cogs teamed up with fixiefamous for a quick one day joint. came out pretty good /// these guys have a solid park and some some mellow street spots to chill at.

skate shiTT

some penny skate shit // i dunno if i posted this up previously, but its a pretty well put together edit.

n00bs // two flicks

just a teaser /// i would encourage all you new comers out there to stack as much footage as possible and chop your edits down to the very best shit you got on deck. stay filming / stay learning new shit.

some front yard practice.



Sam & Joe - Save the Children/Fear of Smell

this record rarely leaves my turntable. many of my mantra's are derived from this song. please give this a listen, for the sake of humanity, and more importantly, the mind. don't be a misinformed bully. rethink yourself every time you want to call someone a faggot, or a bitch. understand who you're offending when you say the word nigger. quit telling women to make you sandwiches and roll your weed. know that word's aren't "just words." who fucking cares how many followers or likes you have on instasnaptwitterbook. avoid assuming things about people. do you really need to call someone ugly, fat, short? or do you really need to base your "comedy routine" around something as petty as physical appearance, or sexuality? or as destructive and serious as rape? flaunt your pimples and show everyone your big belly. stay open minded. be aware of what you're consuming, wearing, watching, saying, who you're hanging out with. educate yourself, use the internet for it's intended purpose. create an appetite for self-awareness and information. buy the bum sitting outside of 7-eleven a coffee, sit with him, have a conversation. think for yourself. truly question absolutely every single fucking thing. quit complaining and do it yourself. thieth's probably gonna hate me for this rant, but whatever.

"Respect our life. Learn to think for yourself, take knowledge and chew it. Cherish the apple tree of the mind. Read, think, learn, teach, swim, bathe, scratch, fondle. Power to the knowledge of the truth. Learn how to tear this system down and create your own motherfuckin’ system man." 


local lurkers doing it with the ill vibes. kool keith is sick. be sure to dig through the channel and locate the other gems.


dude skateboarding is so cool


albie bennett's off the map section

some heavy cruising from the dude, albie bennett. so good. please don't miss that last clip, please.

hawaiian punch

shea hardacre's been around for a while and rules. he bought me a falafel sandwich when i was out in chicago and i forgot to pay him back (sorry dude). check out his band, hawaiian punch. some grade a, raw, hard rock and roll from choc-town. have had this on repeat all night while i'm sitting here trying to do homework. really into that first track.