ive been a team dilly fan for a while now /// but this shit "takes the cake" haha. super creative vibes in it. pure entertainment from start to finish /// must see TTv without a doubt, so dont be stupid, click this shit.

shark /// by any means

some power in the intro and some killer park riding throughout. the real fucking highlight here is the park itself, so much super sick shit to ride at this spot. philwil puts in work too, lots of good clips in the mix. good to see this guy is still on a bike, seems like he fell off the map for a little bit there.

tony k /// sucks2suck

shout out to congo's tattoo /// this is a solid slam edit. some real "gems" in here.

skate shiTT

super sick secret spot. raw footage style no music. the ender is some shit for sure.


its ok to listen to reggae sometimes /// in very small selective doses.

off TTopic

i always dig these zonk vision joints.