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skate shiTT

earlier i suggested skipping school/work today. even if you didnt, fuck all that shit, watch skate videos. this is a long one, so sit back.

rinng parts

im not too sure of any details, but it looks like lino connected with rinng parts.


this is a re-run, but one worth watching again. i wish this guy would put more edits together.

in FRS we trust

mostly skatepark footage, but that park looks pretty sick tho. some good clips here and there.

n00bs ///

some real throwback n00b shit right here. the edit is titled p-fix, which i think is kind of funny cuz no one is riding a p-fix?

split part from some yung stunnaz haha. sick to see new names getting into this shit, keep filming, keep riding, keep going hard as you fucking can. thats whats good.