evan service /// you know my steez

long awaited new shit from evan service /// FOAD stays holding it down and evan never disappoints. this is basically a split part // one half with hair the other without haha. 0:43//that ledge ride to manual and 1:50 was sick as fuck, so much good shit in here, his style just keeps getting smoother...

desmond cook /// lost solo edit

this is pretty sick "lost" footage. really digging the style/fx on this one.. and desmond is killing it on the bike here. fucking gem of a lost edit.

skate shiTT

a while ago i posted up an edit from this spot at halloween from years ago... this is the most recent from halloween 2012 /// killer edit, the tunes go good with the show ///from the look of it, this is the fucking place to be on hallows eve.

big wheel bmx

this shit is pretty fucking good. well rounded pegless squish fork riding... good lines and good flow throughout.

winter shred

cuz its winter and shit // i dig the single spot vibes... ender is sick.

the hisTTory channel /// mts fall off

we all know what mike is capable of and how fearless the fucker is... this edit is definitely a "historical" standout and will hold its own for the rest of time. mike is off the bike with his knee injury so i wanted to put this in the mix to send him some healing energy or some shit. get well man, get back on your fucking bike.


that green bike in the screen still is some crazy shit. n00bs getting it in however they can//i dig that.




packy and gabe have been doing these videos for a while and this is too good not to get posted. free up your night because the other 26 are all gold