#RIPMIKEDINH /// a WOLFDRAWN edit is probably the sickest way to go out, and theres some of his best clips i can remember ever seeing from him in here. what you really want to do is click through to WD and read the write up over there for some comedy. sucks to see him go...


if ur like me, you still havent seen shredwell2 /// ur fucking psyched to see this. i know im a day late to post, but i been on that holiday bullshit trying to live the dream. you already know this is gunna be hammers, so dont even hesitate if you havent seen it yet.

wheeltalk /// behind the scenes

WHEELTALK is a staple in fgfs videos // slum and friends have been holding it down forever now and consistently delivering some of the highest quality web entertainment in the game. here's some behind the scenes "action" from the guys up north. looks like its all work and no play haha.

k birdie /// chines kung fu

kbirdie holds it down for kung fu and everything good hahaha. sounds like something new is "coming soon" cant fucking wait to see what it is.

sesh clip #9 /// charles littlejohn

charles is one of those that flies under the radar but im always amped to see something new from. solid bike control and a style all his own, i hope he makes the edits a more consistent thing in 2013.


i cant get enough hoder footage no matter what haha.


mOn made it down to sf for xmas and got some clips while he was out there. some less typical spots in this edit. always psyched on what mOn puts together, and how fucking consistent he is with keeping regular edits coming.

POSSE /// goodbye 2012

this is a fucking mountain of footage from POSSE /// put your feet up and take it all in haha. edits from this squad are always pretty solid.

alec sluser /// 2012 throwaway

not bad for some throwaway shit. more from this epic comp in here too.

big wheel bmx

kind of a stretch for me to get into some park footage, but this guy got some tricks most people cant even touch on a 20".

skate shiTT

¯\_(ジ)_/¯ /// chill shit haha. with that in the title i had to check it, and definitely wasnt disappointed. always psyched on some high speed skate shit.

n00bs /// 5 flicks

theres some real potential coming from new names these days. this first edit is real solid /// not sure if we seen a previous edit from valentin, but ill be psyched for some follow up to this. good spots throughout this one. fixiez worldwide. young guns doing big things, i dig this kids style. quick one on some one spot mini shred type shit. lots of new faces from the crew over at bumsteads. they got so many killer fucking spots out there.

best of lino

lino is constantly stacking footage, and consistently puts out edits /// it only kind of makes sense to drop a greatest hits re-edit type joint. lots of good shit in here // definitely a solid highlight reel.

fixieboyz408 2012 recap

lots of everything in this one /// slams, hammers, fails, bails, the works. but how bout the fucking sparks at 0:46 haha so sick.

winter shred

a full part from the DWD video. probably one of my favorite brands to watch from the snow world.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

its not monday, but work sucks after a few days off. eat shit. lol at this one tho... its a more literal spin on the "eat shiTT" topic hahaha.

epic comp edits

as usual with the contest /// theres a bunch of videos that drop immediately following... usually with some overlap. its always sick to see some different perspectives on things tho. this comp looks like it was a good one, solid turn out, good riding // always sick to see everyone come together.