THIETH been busy lately... and i dont even have time to be blogging atm, but i didnt want to leave the site stale for days, so heres some shit all at once. superted is still alive, or is this shit old? enjoy the show /// eyeTTunes edition digging the vibe in this one. some yung guns doin shit /// awkward slam edition haha. solid showing from valentin racho still an MSV fan in case you were wondering. matt dizon knows whats good. this kid keeps getting better. rumor has it dew is going to be at redbull // pretty psyched to see what comes of it. this fucker probably has some tricks up his sleeve. the hisTTory channel flashback edition///this edit is a year old btw. wtf. idk//its a video dump tho. some big wheel bmx /// you already know im a fan of the-rise. some skate shit /// old but always good to watch this fucker skate. this ones a fucking classic /// saw it again on tcu the other day claiming it to be "the most watched bike check video of all time" /// if you havent seen it, this is must see TTv.

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