you already know i love WOLFDRAWN edits /// but matt's riding is progressing real fucking sick. this solo joint is way too fucking sick. his style is getting so dialed, and its clear he's been taking his time to find spots, stack clips, and only drop real quality shit. ive already watched this twice, but theres so much shit worth calling out, i wont even comment on favorite parts. fgfs is changing and matt is on some next shit. fucking killing it.


  1. Gayest edit i've ever fucking seen in my life. Just a bunch of stupid ass bump jumps and tire slides. Matt Spencer=Fucking faggot ass pussy. stick to editing.

  2. Cowards talk shit anonymously on the internet and dumb people cant see progression when its right in front of their face. I guess you are both.

  3. 1st-FUCKING GAY
    2nd-waste of my fucking time
    3rd- ive seen noob videos better than this shit
    4th- matt spencer do us all a fucking favor and go ride a scooter please your edits are sooo fucking gay only your editing is good.