Sam & Joe - Save the Children/Fear of Smell

this record rarely leaves my turntable. many of my mantra's are derived from this song. please give this a listen, for the sake of humanity, and more importantly, the mind. don't be a misinformed bully. rethink yourself every time you want to call someone a faggot, or a bitch. understand who you're offending when you say the word nigger. quit telling women to make you sandwiches and roll your weed. know that word's aren't "just words." who fucking cares how many followers or likes you have on instasnaptwitterbook. avoid assuming things about people. do you really need to call someone ugly, fat, short? or do you really need to base your "comedy routine" around something as petty as physical appearance, or sexuality? or as destructive and serious as rape? flaunt your pimples and show everyone your big belly. stay open minded. be aware of what you're consuming, wearing, watching, saying, who you're hanging out with. educate yourself, use the internet for it's intended purpose. create an appetite for self-awareness and information. buy the bum sitting outside of 7-eleven a coffee, sit with him, have a conversation. think for yourself. truly question absolutely every single fucking thing. quit complaining and do it yourself. thieth's probably gonna hate me for this rant, but whatever.

"Respect our life. Learn to think for yourself, take knowledge and chew it. Cherish the apple tree of the mind. Read, think, learn, teach, swim, bathe, scratch, fondle. Power to the knowledge of the truth. Learn how to tear this system down and create your own motherfuckin’ system man."