First, I want to give a shout out to THIETH and all the in-house bloggers that have contributed in the past and the people who currently still add to this epic site every fucking day. TTv has never wavered from it's mission to support the core and help cause total mayhem. So a big fucking THANK YOU for officially letting me fuck with this.

So enough with the bullshit, let's get right into it.

It's one of my favorites... Yeah, it's not Fixed Freestyle, but inspiration comes from a fuck load of places. Ultimately, I get stoked to see someone go fast, crash hard, and go big. Don't get me wrong, technicality is some godly shit, but I'm more of the #GOFORBROKE type' mutha fucka.

Like a bird in the sky! from kirk on Vimeo.

When it come to bikes, getting broke off at times allows you to understand limits and how to push pass those limits. Crashing is simply pushing the edge-- feeling out how far you can push your talent. It's not a bad thing and yeah, that shit is usually hilarious and fucking hurts, but none-the-less crashing is all part of the game called progression. If you can take a fall, #MANUP, and go back at it again even harder then before, then give yourself some props, you're fucking progressing.

Here's my proposal, and since it's my first post, use this and go out and try something new, something you're currently fucking afraid of. No matter if it's on your fixed, bmx, skate, or some other shit, just go test your current fears. Even if you don't complete your attempt, film it, post it, tag @THIETH, and reference this. Make sure to finish your day hard with your head up. At least you did something fucking new with your life today.

Scare yourself everyday, don't live fucking numb.


Photo: Slumworm #Wheeltalk