bang this shit loud

FOAD fridays / / / BMX TTag TTeam

Some hilarious shit in this / / / JACKOFFF

skate shiTT /// HOEPHASE

this shit just premiered last night in chicago. pretty fucking psyched to see this, probably one of the more "exciting" grass roots videos to drop. top notch "styling" and skateboarding. get some///click through and get your digital download on HERE.

daniel mcdiarmid /// ditb part

i dont think ive seen footage from this guy before. got some potential tho.

winter shred

themed winter shred /// im into it.


i love this one. this goes out to gabe and packy. lol.

skate shiTT /// PALACE

i put it in caps, cuz palace shit is so fucking sick. yup, watch it stupid.

the hisTTory channel /// gabe and packy

these two have been holding it down for a looong time///not only that but bringing up a group of riders in their neighborhood and supporting fgfs. real psyched on their progression over the years, you can see pretty clearly (even back here) that they both had natural bike handling and the "foundation" for progression. these two have come a long way, from being n00bs to now being leaders (like the bike brand lol).


if you've missed this series, you fuckin up. i know most of you lucky fuckers are off school, off work, all that shit, so you got time on your hands. here's the whole series in one place, put your feet up and watch this shit. last video below is the trailer, just in case you were questioning whether its worth your time.

jacob santos // which is better

edits, fx, styles, entertaiment value can be equally as important as trick difficulty. im always psyched to see people paying attention and trying new shit to make these edits more entertaining.