brand new shit from torey /// always insane, always from some other universe of fgfs. so many good clips and unusual spots throughout... and always TOO SHORT. i cant get enough of his riding.


SHRED is full of fucking surprises. this shit is insanely sick. im constantly underestimated these guys. this ones pure entertainment and takes the cake for fixie christmas vibes this year. merry christmas fuckers.

skate shiTT

more santa vibes in the mix for you christmas fuckers.

robert rice /// winter edit

always psyched to see some new footage from robert /// seems like his bike control stepped up a couple notches since we last seen him, and you gotta love that soundtrack hahahaha. always good shit from this fucker. keep em coming.

how to font flip with gabe winawer

gabes always a sarcastic fucker, and always has some good insight for new riders. this should help you get some hard to learn tricks "under your belt" (yeah im referring to his last comment) lol i love that shit. thank you gabe.

quick clip

THIETH loves a quick clip. this ones sick too.

winter shred

it wouldnt be christmas time without some snow and shit. santa getting fucked up on that winter shred. i think this is a staple at every ski hill around this time of year to have some santa shit in the mix.

eat shiTT

this one came to me from dylan as a christmas gift. haha. i missed monday, so i had to get it in the mix. eat shiTT.


something new from ROYALHC /// these guys got them 3's dialed. quick, raw, gritty footage. i love this kind of shit.

david laurenti /// on day in long beach

real psyched to see some TT hoodies are getting out. i get fucking juiced to see you fuckers wearing em. long beach is the place to be.


LOCKEDCOG keeps em coming with another one from the 3:30 series. quick joint from ricardo lino on some unconventional setups.


dude got two bikes on deck, and i like this song.

yo is those 24's or some shit?


ho ho ho THIETH took some fucking time off for christmas. who gives a fuck. the song in this edit is some pussy shit, but i thought id put some christmas vibes in the mix to celebrate my vacation. ho ho ho.


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