FOAD friday / / / TTate Roskelley for volume 2012

tate is one of my favorite riders in the game. He can shred a spot you'd never even think to look at and do something insane on it. From the superbike slide down the stairs to the fork grind, tate slays

the hisTTory channel /// wolfdrawn

one more... cuz i ran across this shit while digging for that ruff clip. you already know, THIETH loves a quick clip, loves WOLFDRAWN edits, and fucking loved the "slider era" /// back here, super long sliders were pretty much the best shit out, and matt had em locked down. always dialed. this is a sick advertisement, and a sick flashback to a "different matt" haha, always changing/developing, he stays ahead of the game.

the hisTTory channel /// jacob ruff

today we salute jacob ruff /// this guy keeps a low profile and gets WAY less respect than i think he deserves. he's been holding it down since 700c frames were still in development (lol). i fucking loved this orange build he had back here... and the "rigorous testing" he puts it through in this clip. thats exactly how frames should be tested haha. CSK 4 LYF


seems like a good day for something dark haha. with everyone running around all cheerful at the office and shit. this is what i was listening to on the way in to work anyways.


this is about as "grass roots" as a "bike shop" is ever gunna get these days. CLICK THROUGH NOW. as far as i know kyle (the fix) who we all know from instagram runs this shit from his apartment. truly rider driven, a real minimal start up. thats the kind of shit we love over here at TTv /// bring up the "homies" fuck "the man" support people INSIDE our community. these types of operations put money int your freinds pockets and promote growth from within.


this fucking killer /// massive discounts over at WOLF DRAWN's web store... shirts are under $20. get some before we're all dead. i think we only have a few hours left on earth, so just give WD and I all your money. thanks.

winter shred

footage from the bone zone. diy snowboard park shit.


this is way too sick for a friday. these fuckers know how to get loose. haha. dont click this shit if ur looking for "serious" bmx. but according to some we arent a "serious" blog anyways. soo, i think its fitting.

skate shiTT

fairmans has been holding it down for skateboarding since for fucking ever.