this shit has been in the works for way too long /// finally fucking live. click through to THIETH.COM and get some. thanks to everyone who helped put this shit together. BIG thanks to vince / unknown for the help with the edit, and the fucking vimeo account with some upload space. haha.

quick clip /// skate shiTT

dylan fishy shared this one with me on fb /// unreal, had to get that in the mix. kinda fucking wacky, but wtf.

quick clip /// junho

always psyched to see TT shirts in the wild // always psyched on a quick clip

b-roll bangers /// jackson bradshaw

i think everyone underestimated jackson before this one. one of the founding FOADERS /// so much good shit in here, creative riding all the way through it, and super "silky" bike control. too much good shit to call out, but this is definitely some must see TTv shit /// stacked footage, a thought out/well put together edit seems rare these days and jackson kills it here.

chicago fixed /// clit clips b side xx

clit clips is always sick. this one has some footage from voegeli the unseen... been way too long since we seen that guy ride. killer footage straight through, this squad keeps it creative. they always putting out some of the most entertaining shit.

skate shiTT

this might be a commercial, but patrick franklin footage is always sick.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

fucking brutal.

winter shred

its hardly winter at our local hill /// but theres some killer creative park footage right here. thanks to eservice for sending this one through.


this is essential viewing material.

trick cat

santos was going hard as fuck at this trick cat event. shout out to LOCKEDCOG for putting this "uncontest" together.

barbar /// rally

barspins///all kinda barspins.

quick clip // alex chau

tuck no-bar // sick combination to get after.

n00bs /// three flicks

pretty good selection of clips. some shit from gabe in here too.

just so you know... theres an edit in the works.... with some mike dinh footage too.

eat shiTT vibes.