skate shiTT

here's another one i watched yesterday /// evan service sent it through. way too fucking sick, skateboards on dirt jumps. that ender is whats really good.

robert rice /// 2012

here's one i been looking forward to. unfortunately i havent seen it yet ha. fuck. anyways, robert has some killer style, has been hiding from the camera for too long, and has progressed since we last seen him (judging from a clip i seen on fb the other day). peep game.


i already know this ones sick cuz i watched the motherfucker yesterday. epic raw bmx shit.

leon cycles /// ricky perez


once again... i havent watched this yet, but these FIXIEWARRIORS keep the entertainment coming.

goodbye 2012

im gunna have to post todays videos without watching them today... i know some other bloggers do that shit, its something that i dont want to make a habit of and plain fucking disagree with, but if i keep trying to fuck with this shit today, im either going to punch ross in the face or smash my fucking keyboard. xoxo. (happy mood THIETH)




dont nothing want to fucking load on my computer today /// makes me want to punch goTThross and his "IT" skills in his fucking face.