n00bs /// miguel zendejas

miguel shared this shit with me on vimeo just now /// some serious fucking potential. he got those 180 bars dialed, bike handling, fearlessness, watch out for miguel coming up. he might be a new name now, but i have a feeling he'll be killing it in no time if he sticks with this fixie shit. always pumped to see some new names come through with solid clips.

the hisTTory channel // tom and wonka

for me, looking back, this was one of the most exciting times in fgfs history. everything tom and wonka did back here was the best shit out. i still get psyched to look back//remember being fucking pumped on any updates from these two. salute these two, they pioneered this shit and proved what was possible.

fixiewarriors // valley quickie

for whatever reason my computer wont load this past the 0:22 mark /// so i dont know what to tell you about it haha.


forever a david grant fan /// sick trailer right here.

max gardener /// old timer

max just upped some old footage. quick edit at the skatepark. digging the quick shit//too many edits are full of a bunch of bullshit that just draws it out and makes it hard to watch. max got down to business and chopped all the extra shit out.

winter shred

its winter so i been putting some snow shit in the mix // always digging "unconventional" riding and use of park "features". whatever you want with it // sick to see people get outside the box. 

skate shiTT

here's some of that circus show skate shiTT from william spencer // i might not always agree with this "style" of skateboarding... but i always gotta give it a watch through. i know a bunch of readers are "hyped" on this shit, so get some. thanks to dylan for sharing... more of you fuckers should send shit my way.