FOAD fridays / / / low key quickie

just some bullshittin around this past summer

skate shiTT

one more for the weekend /// some inspiration for those of you who arent out getting wasted or whatever on a friday night. stay after whatever the fuck it is ur doing//obsess over it, do shit your way.

gabes first day back

here's someone that shouldnt walk away from his bike. after being off it for 4 months to be able to put some of this shit together is impressive to say the least. stay with it gabe.

posse bails vol 2

i dig this squad /// POSSE brings some "character" to the mix and keeps shit coming. im always a fan of some b-side type shit too. all slams in here and theres a couple funny ones.

skate shiTT

just having a flash back to some classic shit /// they dont make em like they used to. 


i dont know how i missed this///way too sick.

n00bs /// two flicks

lol at that intro /// teach em how to cook son hahaha.

worldwide fixie competition shreddage.