toTTal repost /// sean coats 'bore the boar'

i just watched this shit again and thought i should post it up for a re-watch. its worth checking out more than once. sean's style is looking better than ever and balhogs keeps bringing some of the best entertainment to the table. sean is just getting warmed up behind the scenes over here too /// so obviously im glad to push his shit haha.


some pretty good shit in this one as usual


ratpack and balhogs teamed up for a day in richmond to "give you a taste" of whats really good on this fixie shit. so much creative riding in here.

MoN /// BBB SIDES #2

you already know i love that raw footage b-side shit. mon gets out to film more than almost anyone... so he sittin on stacks of the shit.

skate shiTT

i watched this a couple days ago... dont even know why i hesitated to post it /// shit got me "based" /// kinda long so be ready to sit back and take in some skate footage.


i just want to shit on the accusations that i post "random shit" /// this is specifically fixed gear content right here. watch close. pick up one of those hats from HAZZ /// they killing it right now.

winter shred

its winter, and thats what winter looks like at the ski hill in "socal" lol. all park footage but the edit/song is pretty good.

big wheel bmx

these weekly joints from the rise are consistently good shit.


not usually my "cup of tea" /// but the show is good for a watch.

trick tip with wynmar

funny fucker /// some sick fx tho lol.

n00bs // three flicks

loving the music in this one haha // fixiez is worldwide.