burro bags commercial

i dont usually post "commercials" or advertising for the most part. but i stand behind both of the "organizations" who put this message together. BURRO has a sick team and is definitely the real deal when it comes to hand made rider driven shit /// and you already know CHOP EM DOWN keeps the fgfs shit coming non stop and brings quality edits to the mix. "peep game"

big wheel bmx

 pretty killer big bike raw footage type shit.

skate shiTT

some high speed sf mini shred. so sick, no dull moments throughout this one.

n00bs /// zach babinski

not your typical n00b shit. i could get into seeing more new names bringing edits like this///real fucking psyched to see more from this guy. right here we have a first edit that rivals some from riders who been doin it. i see a shitload of potential in zach, so get a new fucking fork and get back at it man.


digging the tunes and the spots in this one.

rooTTs // skate shiTT

every now and then a bmx rider drops an edit with some skate shit in the mix. turns out cody got skills on both... leave it to DEFGRIP to bring a solid production to the mix. i always dig some crossover shit like this.

planet hops tv

some "fuckabout" from planet hops.