skate shiTT

i might have already posted this once // but i dig this edit even after having watched it a few times. theres some real good skate shit going on these days outside the boundaries of the typical mainstreem skate "culture" if you can even call that redbull infused, mercedes benz driving bullshit a culture.


ricardo lino is both a personality and a good rider... its no wonder he's dropping a website on us. doesnt look like the site is live yet, but it should be up tomorrow according to what i see over there. this is a sick edit for the drop, really digging that rail ride barspin/// psyched to see what develops at THELINOLIFE.

jakob santos /// thanksgiving type shit

when santos gets in the video zone he fucking drops a shitload of material back to back. this ones a day at the park type shit. digging that feeble up footplant joint. always sick.


this ones kind of long and the watter is a bit muddy with it, but thats how everything good starts. gotta figure out some direction. i see some sick potential here as things progress. thanks to mel king for sending this through, keep em coming, trim it down, stack some footage. i dig where ur heads at man.

FROOTS /// nagasaki trip

FROOTS stays in it. this ones a mix of big bike and fgfs.



Photobucket i wanted to give you something haha. i always put everything i got into this blog so that fgfs will have a source for unbiased video coverage, and no bullshit behind the scenes where im trying to make a buck or push content thats driven by "sponsors".

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