'bore the boar' sean coats balhogs 2k12

holy shit this ones so fucking good. ive been watching sean since his earliest edits and his style is constantly progressing. this is the most refined, most creative, most skilled riding we've ever seen from sean. so fucking psyched on where his heads at right now /// this edit is up there with the best shit ive seen out of fgfs. dont miss this one, this is fixie freestyle at its best. BALHOGS is killing it right now.

sam allgood /// feeshd

sams on some other world shit with this one haha. he's always got a sarcastic fuck around approach to riding, and im always glad to see some shit that goes outside the generic staple tricks... but this shits way out there. check it for a change of pace, theres some "inspirational" shit in there. that leg over skid to bank is on some throwback shit lol.


LOCKEDCOG delivers with this series. been nothing but good shit coming out of this so far. this latest one is from santos who can get clips no matter what he rides. that hump spot early in the edit is sick as fuck. below is a an extra that santos just upped haha. some little kid interviewing him in a manson hoodie.


just caught this one on THECOMEUP /// one legged bmx rider. this shit is so sick, big shout out to this guy for getting down even when it seems impossible. this goes out to everyone who thinks they have some excuse for why they cant learn certain tricks... anything is possible if you stay after it.

big wheel bmx

some mellow park shred.


here's more from graffiti island (that band that torey used in his recent part) /// so into this shit lately... thanks to torey for exposure to this shit. cant get enough.

nasty and marco /// eurotour 2011

yeah/// the title says this shit is from 2011. i dont remember it, and im always psyched to see some footage from nasty and marco.

toyo // fall edit

solid park riding from toyo /// digging that deep lean wheelie in there at 1:22. some #rare tricks in here too.

skate shiTT

christian hamrick tipped me off to this /// if you havent seen it, this is one of those videos worth watching over and over.

fixie shiTT

more 3d animated fixie shit haha.


pretty good solo edit put together by daniel le.