cant fool the youth /// gus molina

GUS is fucking awesome. TTv loves him /// not only is this fucker a part of shit behind the scenes around here, but he's been one of my favorites to watch over the years, and he's been killing fgfs since the fucking dinosaur days. you already know this shits going to be sick as fuck so just sit back and enjoy the show. CHOPEMDOWN always chops it up real good... and if you havent already seen the dvd yet///GET A FUCKING COPY. dont be stupid.

skate shiTT

matt shared this shit with me by way of steven (LIVERDIET) check the shirt in the intro. this is some of the best skate shit ive seen in a LOOONG fucking time. from the same people who brought you nagajoose??? click through to their site (NAGASAKI) and check that shit out//pick up a preorder for $10,000. this shit is the gold standard for skate shit. fuck that girl/chocolate trailer i posted earlier.

n00bs // two flicks

jay porch got good style. cant wait to see some more tricks develop. sean hodges put this together... keep the edits coming.

hatebikes chillin//one spotter style.

skate shiTT

i know i post a lot of ny skate shit///but sf spots are definitely my favorite to watch.

n00bs? // corey busa

i know corey's name from watching edits and shit... but he still new to the game. this good showing from a young gun, smoothe style, mellow edit.


u wont want to miss this shit. if you do, ur fuckin up.

a day bike fest 2012

all you really need is a box and some riders. thats whats good. looks like a real solid turn out too.

skate shiTT

if you didnt alreay know... this shit dropped. been seeing a lot of talk and hype surrounding this one. rightfully so/// girl/chocolate flicks are a fucking legacy in sakteboarding.

the hisTTory channel /// taylor dwight

yesterday i posted a video of taylors new shit... today i realized that some of you new fuckers might not know exactly where im coming from being psyched to see him back on a bike. he came in to fgfs and immediately killed it. straight out the gate. even in contests this guy came through with some beast shit... rolled with the nickname "slaylor" for a while lol, and then fell completely off the map. im fucking pumped he's back in it /// heres some background from 3 years ago.


if you follow on twitter /// you seen prolly take a shot at TTv yesterday for having too much random shit... lol. (i hear you) haha. anyways, dgaf, here at TTv we aim to entertain... and delivering entertaining videos is our goal. in the event that there isnt much fixie freestyle to cover, (this is only a test of the emergency entertainment system lol) i do my best to go out of my way to find other "suitable" entertainment, such as this gem here from zonk vision. ive been following their shit for a while and they always got some nutty shit up their sleeve. THIETH loves you, THIETH CARES, stay entertained, read everyday.


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