i'm up in sf staying at a friends until friday hanging out, taking pictures, and doing things. it's nice and foggy out, with very few pigs patrolling. but yeah 3xtreme is fucking sick




WRAWH WITCHTAPES is a fucking legacy. every video that comes out of torey's demented mind is pure gold in my book... theres so much high quality entertainment throughout. no sense in explaining any of it//just watch this shit now.

taylor dwight around portland

fucking sick to see new shit from taylor /// this guy is "triple og" or some shit... he fell off the map, but it seems like hes back at it these days. still pour has been keeping good shit coming non stop.

clit clips trois

i dont know how i missed this one last week... just saw it on WRAHW right now. clit clips is always fucking sick. Andrew Voegeli, Murder B, Ralph Flannigan, Finn Zygowski, Rique Andersone, Lebster Pabone, Dani Martinez, Mason Willets, and Austin Redman sooo much good shit in here. this photo below was stolen from wrahw, so fucking sick. dont miss this one if you havent seen it already.

wheel talk /// thanksgiving

some WHEELTALK reunion type shit. sick to see em riding a classic spot from way back. these two kill it... digging the mellow vibes, and slums last clip is fucking fire. must see TTv for sure.

fixtape #5

ronnie and friends are back at it /// real fucking pumped to see some new shit from these guys, been way too fucking long. even if this is old footage, fucking sick to see another fixtape.

overlimit /// zen

this one caught me off guard. some pretty good style here. psyched to see more from this guy.

big wheel bmx

basically just fuck around shit... but some of my favorite big bike rippers in the mix.

fixie shiTT

weed, graffiti, aerospokes, skids /// im actually feeling this one haha. its a flash back to the good old days or some shit. any way you chop it, they put their own style on it and i dig that.

quick clip /// min kyu shim/south korea

solid quick clip right here /// THIETH loves a quick one.

gabe winawer /// how to flare

another gem of a tutorial from gabe /// whats really good here is that clip of him fucking around with a flat tailwhip... i cant wait to see this little shit get those dialed.

wTTf /// animated fixies

lol. fast forward to about a minute in for some serious fixie animation. high speed wheelies on lock.


gotta love that name haha "fixieboyz" /// that spot is sick for rainy days for sure.

n00bs // 5 flicks

 real clean production // mellow vibes

first couple clips in here are exciting

sometimes its all about the music

getting it done even if you gotta go it alone... thats whats good.

some of its kind of hard to make out... maybe its just my screen brightness.