TTvBLOG grows stronger with the addition of sean coats in the mix///if you read regularly, you've seen how much shit i steal from seans likes on vimeo and shit. he is the highest level exaulted master of internet video hunting, he has a fucking brain in his head, a mind of his own, and is more full of creative thoughts than most could hope for with practice. he stays strange, and fucking kills it at lurking out the best of the internet when it comes to web edits. ive known sean from around long beach for a couple years now, and i fucking love seeing this guy and always draw inspiration from him. cant fucking wait to see how his posts develop, and just what the fuck he posts in general. SUNDAYS are all his from now on... no name, no gimmick, just sean posting on sundays///get fucking psyched.
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SKATAHOLIC X BLACK SUNDAY /// two tricks with jaoa

this is that FUCKING KILLING IT shit that comes around so rarely and catches you off guard. these are two tricks you dont even see everyday on a bmx bike... this is a fucking game changer. JAOA is on some prodigy future guidance shit for everyone. watch the fuck out, i cant wait to see more from this guy. if you come here for the fgfs videos and you dont watch this shit... you fucking stupid.

FOAD /// rainy day #1

i love these FOAD fuckers /// especially psyched to see evan pushing that TT zipshit... i also love fuck around shit, so obviously something like this is "my cup of tea" (like a mom bitch might say)///that #1 implies theyre expecting a "series" of rainy days, and videos to go with them. real psyched on this "series" even though its just the first showing.

bulltrain /// winter clip

bulltrain keeps em coming... and south korea seems to be killing it these days with fgfs. they got a pretty good group out there.


with these two its not just riding... its always entertaiment//show some love for that shit. digging the night time colors and overall grain on this one too.


i always love this crispy shit... and theres peacocks on it. over the weekend, i was in palos verdes where for whatever fucking reason there are wild peacocks///mind blown.


not quite sure what to tell you, but i like this.


some young guns on that first edit shit.... you never know where they'll go, how determined they are, or whats next with these n00bs so check em out.