quick clip /// antonyo vs the fence

thank you omar for this clip. the picture made the rounds and i been wondering when the fuck we'd see footage. tone is a fucking beast, i dont think he gets half the credit he deserves... this shit is insane. you can see his dissatisfaction with the landing, but fuck that, to ride away from something like this is mental... even on a bmx. this fucking guy continues to set the bar high.

skate shiTT

double skate shiTT today /// this premiers tonight at the art theatre on 4th so i had to get it in the mix. looks fucking sick. "grass" roots skateboarding redefined haha. if you in dtlb, head over there and peep game. 

palms event nov 2012

been wanting to see this footage since the photos dropped... but wheres the clip without the couch.

michael cahill /// gettin down n dirty

this spot is sooo sick.


if you read regularly, you already know i love that banned shit/// but this is fucking special right here. banned in the backyard will probably be one of the greatest bmx events of all time haha. so psyched for footage from this. the promo video is pure entertainment... cant wait to see what the fuck happens once the party starts.


this is probably better suited for a friday afternoon... but it came on the radio for my drive home form work last night, i didnt change the station.... bang this one out loud, no shame.

skate shiTT

im always digging some creative shred, no matter which way you get down with it. skate shit gets me psyched on life. this is whats good, let it sink in and carry over to whatever the fuck you ride or do. generic shit belongs in banana repuplic or the gap or some shit, dont fuck with that. get your head right when you watch this.

posse throwaway

theres definitely some good shit in here... posse always brings entertainment and good clips to the mix. sit back, put your feet up, take it all in haha.


technically this is some n00b shit, never seen this squad before... but its a gem. youtube is getting increasingly hard to search and fuck with on my end, thats why you seen a lot less youtube flicks in the mix over here. everyone switch to vimeo // no but really tho, do it... or dont.


just some fuck around shit in the front yard /// yup 700s. always psyched to see that. no soundtrack necessary... ice cream man got that shit.


...its not what you think, but i fucking liked it. dgaf if you dont. this is everything that used to be good about fixies /// colorful bikes, dick over the bar skids, wheelies... the tunes, the fx, the fucking works here. enjoy. or dont.