hold up /// every other fixie web series, imma let you finish... but WOLF DRAWN'S kvlt klips is the best series of all time. hahaha this ones very yum yum. your boy snckpck would be proud /// chip clips making an appearance. you already know whats good, dont do something stupid like sleeping on this shit... watch the motherfucker now. i just dropped what i was doing to make sure it got posted up in the mix.


lol i dont know how i ran across this shit... but its a classic track set to some "fitting" visuals.

jimmy watcha /// farewell pagan

i didnt realize this guy has been out due to a fractured knee /// real bummed to hear that shit. he definitely got skills and has been coming up super quick. sounds like he'll be back on a bike soon tho. watcha the fuck out for this fucker.

yolovision /// rip g11

yolovision up in your eyehole. these fuckers keep the edits coming non stop. out there living the dream.

skate shiTT

this is fucking sick.... 5's down shit. wtf.

winter shred

down here in the LA area its official /// the local shred sled spot is up and running. looks like better snow cover than i expected.


caught this one by way of matt spencer on fb /// way too sick not to post. kriss kross soundtrack like what.... this guy has serious hops.

enishy // september october activities

this ones pretty sick, some footage from nasty is rare these days.


good shit here from FROOTS /// they been bangin out hits for a long time. feeling that super long slider ender.