robert rice and david laurenti

been a while since we seen some footage from these two. roberts looking real comfortable these days.

alberto anguiano /// 2 day iphone edit

most of the time you can expect some half assed shit out of a two day iphone edit/// not the case here. this fucking guy is killing it. i been wondering where he's at with some new footage, but obviously he's been takign the time to refine his skills. so much technical shit in here. always blown away watching this kid ride.

MoN /// a book, a mind

enter the twisted head of MoN, a demented psychopath. haha. real high quality themed/style shit right here. his riding progresses every time he drops something new. this is solid gold right here.

still pouraway /// throwaway

this shit is hardly throwaway. so many good clips, good spots, good tricks in here. dont miss this one.

team ratshit /// scraps

these fuckers know whats good with some b-sides. always entertainment coming from this posse.... does this mean theres an edit in the works? i fucking hope so.

n00bs /// three flicks

really digging the special fx in this shit haha. so sick.

this ones long, but more n00bs should bring an edit this solid when they come in. STACKED. keeps his speed up too. always sick to see a n00b bring it solid like this.

gotta keep an eye on this guy. he's a fucking character and i suspect he got some potential to bring some real good shit to the table.


some good shit in here as always. good to see sfg still holding it down.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

might have already posted this one /// but its a classic. this is the only type of scooter shit i plan to post hahaha... and it pretty much sums up what it feels like to report to your cubicle on monday morning.

wynmar hittin a 30 stair

hahahahaha. wynmar always brings some funny shit to the mix. killing it.


todays rooTTs shit is brought to you by kbirdie. good shit.

209cogs /// james madarang

209COGS and james madarang bring you some fuck around teaser type shit... just to let you know that new shit is in the works.

skate shiTT /// TRONG

them boys over at TRONG keep em coming/stay filming. always psyched to see what theyre up to///they know whats good.

francis roque /// scrap clips

francis been keepin em coming lately. heres some scraps.

n00bs /// trials and fixed

trials and fgfs split flick.

jakob santos /// fixed american

this could be pretty sick once it all comes together. definitely pumped to see some footage from matt and them foad fuckers in here. santos keeps it coming.