FOAD fridays / / / tate roskelley drifter promo

tate roskelley always brings some kookiness to the table / one of my favorite riders in BMX, I can't help but watch his edits over and over / same with this new promo for his signature frame from volume / / / JACKOFFF

the hisTTory channel /// fixed gear london X vans

anyone out there remember these charge bikes, super ted, fixed gear london??? i figured since i was on that london shit with the oscar flick, i had to get this one in the mix too. fixed gear london was real influential early on. this bike blew minds when it dropped, a complete that was designed specifically for fixed freestyle... one of the earliest offerings. SUPER TED really brought innovation to the table and had a huge hand in pushing this shit forward. pay respect to people who brought us where we are today. ill always remember this as one of my favorite times in fgfs.

the hisTTory channel /// oscar khan

this one goes back exactly two years // check the upload date haha. oscar brought some serious shit to the table, this one still shuts down a lot of edits that drop today, its a deep stack of footage. he brought high energy, ride everything, authentic style to the game and mixed shit up. always fucking crazy, always goes for it as hard as possible. i fucking love watching this guy ride. flash back on some old shit from a king of fixie freestyle... even though he gets a spotlight these days, i feel like he's "vastly" underestimated.

winter shred

i was hanging with vince the other night and he put me on to this shit. such sick snowboaring for sure, always dig seeing people that are in touch with creativity. with that recent rain, winter shred is right around the corner.


yeah... more eyeTTunes. its friday, fuck around on the internet.digging this one, future-retro vibes are strong here.


no gimmicks, no hd, no "fluff" /// just good old fashioned bmx shit. some good clips throughout.

parakeets v4

mostly n00bs in the mix here /// stephen plante found some people to ride with. sick to see bumsteads still doing things. been a while since we seen anything from this part of town.


somehow this was a vimeo staff pick? i dont get that part (someone at vimeo had a couple puffs before work), but theres some pretty killer visuals in here.

skate shiTT

alex rodriguez sent this shit through /// sounds like some of his "hombres" are starting up a skate clothing brand. looks like theres some potential here. keep an eye out for it...


wake up... time to die