im a little late to this party, but fuck///if you didnt catch this on THECOMEUP yesterday, you fuckin up. massive. lol, click through and read the description at thecomeup...

christian musgrave /// creativity #3

 psyched to see that msugrave is back on a bike... about fucking time man. seems like the creative riding has been getting lost these days /// smiths, double pegs on rails, and feeble bars are stock tricks we see over and over... but shit like this is the real juice imo. get loose, ride everything, cruise and get creative///this is a killer edit for sure, the tunes match the riding perfect. let this inspire some of you to think outside the box and do your thing whatever the fuck it is (trashcan grinds included).

skate shiTT

this is real sick. quality filming and editing, good flow throughout, killer skateboarding to watch. wtf is that spot at 1:21. serious la area vibes in here, im always pumped on that... im real psyched on san pedro scenery these days.


this one caught me off guard /// im not ususally a big fan of park joints, but im a secret elvis fan haha. i dig the tire noise and park "ambiance" in the mix here... and theres some real solid tricks in the mix.

francis roque /// one hour sesh

quick one from francis. getting it in after school or some shit.

famli straps /// miguel and sam

mellow vibes in this one here. killer spot to chill out and ride for sure. miguel and sam are doing it for FAMLI these days.

big wheel bmx

these unexpected thursday joints are always fucking sick /// but whats real unexpected this time around is seeing a fucking american manson shirt in the mix. couldnt be more fucking pumped, im a big fan of this squad and follower of THERISE so this shit got me super pumped.