jacob santos /// workshop quickie

you gotta love that intro hahaha //// shit like that is timeless. that yung wun jacob santos keeps progressing, his style looks real smoothe these days. comin up.


its about fucking time we seen an edit from the bawss hawg himself. CONGO has been slaughtering fixie freestyle since the beginning, but its been so long since his last solo joint that some of you young guns might not even know whats good///so pay close attention and watch a boss at work. so many fucking hammers in here, but that rail to curb rider at 2:02 had me standing up out my fucking seat haha. this shits all killer no filler /// clearly stacked footage. this is exactly how its done, the fucking beast is back with this shit. if you didnt already know whats good, thats your own fucking fault. WOLFDRAWN always drops magic with the edits (1:03) /// congo stays FUCKING KILLING IT FOREVER.

zlog interviews concept bikes

im not sure what the connection between ZLOG and "BIKE INSIDERS" is, but it looks like they teamed up for this interview? either way, it seems like CONCEPT is dropping some legit frames and they've been teaming up with some solid riders... and zloggy definitely knows whats good with a freestyle whip, he been in this shit since the get go.

n00bs /// hyena fixed

i dont think ive seen this posse before, but new riders seem to be popping up pretty regularly these days. always sick to see some new names in the mix.

fixie shiTT /// liverpool track skwad

some tarck action in here. digging the grit these guys are bringing to the mix.

election day

do the right thing, and vote for the most competent candidate... in this case, im certain without a doubt that basil marceaux is the only intelligent choice.


this ones looong but suzkid always brings some good shit to the mix.


always sick to see people tear down some long beach spots /// musgrave shared this one on fb, these are homies of his, and they comin up these days.