as a general rule, i dont post photos on this blog (its called fucking TTv//"TV", get it?) but this shit is so sick. not to mention, i cant tell you how pumped i am to know that voegeli still rides and is out stacking clips right now... not not to mention this photo from rick is insanely sick. CLICK THROUGH TO RICKS FLICKR and check it high res//theres a bunch of quality photos in the mix to get stiff over.


if this doesnt get you juiced up to go ride, you dont like bikes. super mellow vibes, killer filming and editing, sick riding from ya boy slum worm. definitely digging this entire edit straight through, makes me want to hit sf for some cruising/makes me realize how sick it is to watch matt ride. full screen this shit and put your feet up///must see TTv.

crank LA fgfs 2013

...fixie riders from the future///mob with a posse like its 2013.

im not sure what to think of these bikes, but the riding and filming here is pretty solid. are cole and bijan riding for this brand now, or was this just for the ad?

big wheel bmx

always psyched on some legit big bike shit.

giarolila slyfix 2nd edit 2012

for some dumb reason, this shit wont load on my computer, so i dont know what to tell you haha. slyfix usually brings some good shit to the table tho.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

john jello took a solid slam haha /// caught his on fb but couldnt post up the video so they sent a gif through/// too sick.

weird pista 30

somehow i always forget about this shit. probably the longest running "fixie" series in our short history. sick to see these keep coming.

itami city street

im always checking BOBLOG for some shit i missed /// he got some shit locked down that i always miss. here's one of em.

bike check /// alexandre g's unknown v2

pretty clean v2 and solid video bike check. killer scenic rooftop spot too, psyched on the view this morning.

skate shiTT

here's another gem from sean coats like list on vimeo. i try not to leech too much shit like this, but sean spits out some of the best edits... too good not to get in the mix. oldish, but still super sick. styled edits stay fresh, stock shit comes and goes.

mstrfm x mlk

mstrfm always holds it down for TTv /// fucking pumped on that. this edit is brief, which is sick, and has some legit bmx in the mix, which is unusual for a fixie flick haha. good shit, def worth the watch.

jordan madarang teaser

put some lol in your monday morning.

bike check /// lino's last goat

lino posted this up on my wall and im digging it so i thought id share. always sick to see a well used bike, worn in spray paint always looks fucking sick, especially when you got a dark color over the top of light. sounds like lino will be changing up his setup soon, psyched to see what he comes with next///but for now heres the rundown on this bad bitch;
-GRIME G.O.A.T. 2012 size Small dirty spray painted over and over
-Sadio Booster 430ac Fork
-GRIME medicine man handlebar , Ed "wonka" laforte pro-model
-trebol topload stem
-sadio viper rims
-20bikes front hub
-X-life 9t hub with a home made conversion to a shadow conspirancy 14mm male axle
-S&M ironman 25t Chromoly sproket
-Shadow Conpirancy Halflink chain
-4 Animal Butcher Pegs
-Fron tire schwalbe crazy bob 2.35
-Rear tire Specialized Hemisphere 1.95
-shadow conspirancy pedals
-Zontrac reversible 2013 strap protos
-Sadio Swoop Cranks 175mm
-Sadio seatpost
-Sadio Grime colab pivotal seat dirty spray painted over and over again
-FBM rear hubguard
-Phenix cogguard
-Odissey Gland hubguards (front wheel)
-Sadio headset
-Sadio mid BB

dunnuck and higgins // one day quick sesh

pretty solid one day joint from dunnuck and higgins, both of em kill it. grant seems like he really stepped his shit up lately, looking so smoothe and coming with some shit that caught me off guard.

the brad parker show /// desert destruction

yeah i know this isnt really the brad parker show /// but i kinda think he should drop something like that, considering the shit he gets into on a regular basis and the freedom he has to seemingly do whatever the fuck he wants haha. looks like he got out to the abandoned waterpark out there in the desert for some skateboarding and destruction.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

fuck you monday.

mont p edit

skateboards, fixies, slam dunxx /// digging the vibes here. psyched to see more from this squad.