If you have ever been to the house you have most likely seen this bike around and now it's gone. It was stolen a few days ago around 6th and Long Beach Blvd. It's a 2008 red/black Fuji Track Pro and it has a a ton of bike stickers on it. If anything catches anybody's eye hit up any of us here at the FF. LETS GET KRIS HIS BIKE BACK

FIXIE FACTORY: 2 Ban Deloviar Kendama edits

Ban is the godfather of Kendama in Long Beach and all of us here at the Fixie Factory are so stoked on how far he's come with it. Above is his mostly solo deal with guest some guest appearances from Couch and I and below is just some good old fashioned Kendama fun with the boys. This shit is taking off!!! -a


if you didnt already know, johnny coward is a fucking beast, and from the sound of it he's been off his bike for a while. this is what it looks like when someone comes back with some serious fucking fire behind em. this fucker goes hard. LOCKEDCOG is holding down this 3:30 series and doing it right. these have all been fucking sick so far. click through and read up on the details.


the lawnmower man strikes again. ive said it over and over, aj fucking kills it on 700's and probably has one of the smoothest styles on big wheels since the beginning. always pumped to see new shit from him, and its always packed with shit you gotta rewind to really digest. some of the spots in here are fucked, like looking at someone eating a burger when u hungry haha. that under bridge spot is insane sick. peep game /// aj edits never disappoint.


the title track for todays day of the week haha. had to get some rap shit in the mix today, why the fuck not.

eat shiTT

doing dumb ass shit almost always results in dumb ass consequences. eat shiTT.


 ZLOG BOUTIQUE just got these gems in stock, they looking real sick and perfect size for bike tubing. available in gold and black, and even make you ride better haha. support one of the longest running fixie blogs and floss your whip out with some gold shine (bitches love gold, it makes you look rich).


some metal for a change of pace. i didnt go back and check the facts, but im pretty sure matt used this song in one of his edits way back. sick fucking track from electric wizard.

quick clip /// eazy 3z

quick three with your breakfast.

rooTTs /// tcu how to

vital bmx, imma let you finish... but TCU is the best bmx blog of all time. hahaha. i dont know if anyone caught this, but they dropped a tutorial for nose manuals... and i dont know if you noticed, but very few people got these fuckers dialed on a fixed bike. even if you got em rolling, you can always get some tips to hang out on the front wheel longer. get in touch with your roots /// get shit dialed. read thecomeup.

the hisTTory channel /// erik v

anyone out there remember erik v /// dude had serious potential, came through with some ultra legit edits, then just disappeared. i have no idea what happened to him, but its pretty sick to take a look back and think of where he would have been by now. he was killing shit from the first edit he dropped.

toTTal repost /// tyler johnson: creative for coal

this shit was sick the first time around... and coal recently re-upped it///this edit is definitely worth watching 20 times. if you didnt catch it the first time around, you stupid, so watch it now.