big wheel bmx

seems like its pretty fucking rare these days to catch some quality big bike shit. this ones right in there, solid style, good riding, good spots.

skate shiTT

this is waaay too sick to pass up. edits like this make skateboards look fun as fuck. if you dont have time to sit back and watch that full length, but you wanna get some skate shit in front of your face, dont miss this one. super sick edit all around, killer skating, killer vibes. must see TTv.

darnel balasabas /// single spotter

quick is sick. solid single spot joint right here, always pumped to see you guys pushing some TT shit in your edits too. masterfam stays holding it down.

big wheel bmx

sick quick one from kuba. digging that first clip for sure.

skate shiTT /// full length

bake and destroy is up on youtube /// i been hit up a few times already this morning to get this in the mix///been wanting to see it too, so everyone wins.


you already know im a fan of crispy stream cuz thats whats good/// i usually dont get too pumped on park footage, but theres so much killer creative shit in here. definitely dont hesitate, theres nothing generic about it.


deaf hubs are in stock over at the MACHETE web store. they look sick, come with some killer colors and two drivers 9 and 10. click through and check that shit out. support rider driven brands, support ya boy kbirdie.

derek for onetruesoul

derek salvador with a quick one from 3rd and army /// classic spot.



fixié monTTréal

some tarck stuff - looks like iBIKE from montreal is going to be dropping a movie soon.
This trailers mostly fast bike riding, but hopefully they got some of those fgfs riders in the mix when the movie releases.