FOAD friday / / / sam sings pt 4

the sam sings series is just a compilations of antics and other bullshit that didn't make the cut to our other videos. Some ridiculous shit went down this summer and here are the results / / / JACKOFFF


if you didnt already know /// FF is my favorite squad in fgfs. (i could give a fuck about not having favorites or being politically correct or some shit) i love these guys///what i love even more is the "ride everything" mentality thats always displayed in these power hour flicks. you can sense the energy of the group feeding off eachother... when it comes down to it, thats the shit that really matters. special guest "tor-tor" is the icing on the fucking cake. if you dont watch this shit, i will come through the screen and punch you in your bitch chin haha.

the hisTTory channel /// "hfwido"

anyone out there remember "hfwido" haha. i was a huge fan back in these days and still am. he brings a necessary creative element to the table that gets lost in a world of generic tricks on larger obstacles than the last guy. he's been getting a lot of coverage lately and i think he deserves more of it. take a look back at how hard he was killing it back in the days of fgfs pioneering... its always harder to do tricks if you havent seen other people even trying it yet. so sick, i thought this would lead into that new FF edit perfect for those of you who have no idea. respect the people who moved us forward.

simon gomok and nicholas zanoni /// streetpanam

gomok kills it consistently, and zanoni has been holding it down/flying under the radar for too long. gomoks riding is always clean, and he's keeping it creative in this one. theres lots of clips of shit that the generic rider might just skip past, but these two finds some killer tricks to put down on em. always pumped on gomok footage///real psyched on this progression for both of em. zanoni // sorry i left you out of the first write up man// 


you already know im a hoder fan///and i try not to be a product pusher, but these stems sound pretty sick.

halloween skate shiTT

caught this via musgrave on vimeo /// way too appropriate given the time of year.