still pour at the lumberyard

this is pretty sick. the still pour squad got out to ride the LUMBERYARD /// working on some rhythm section skills and unconventional riding. always fucking psyched to see people push these bikes across shit other people arent riding. get that shit dialed and open up a whole new fucking world of possibility. i know i slept on this one, so go fuck yourself if you already seen it haha.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

forgot to get the slam in the mix for monday, so this week wednesday sucks///eat shit. fuck work, fuck school.

skate shiTT

eservice posted this up on fb /// way too sick not to share. fucking kids these days are killing it.


hahaha this cant be real... can it?


some bmx shit courtesy of musgraves like list.

street hard people

digging that gravel rider early in the edit/// and theres some fucking brutal slams in here, especially since they on flat, didnt see that shit coming. always psyched to see you guys repping some TT in the mix. ALPHACREW holding it down.