wolfdrawn // corey san agustin

i just dropped everything to watch this shit three times haha. so fucking good. corey has been one of my favorite fuckers to watch coming up. he kills it so hard, gets hurt, and gets right back to throwing down serious fucking hammers. this is also one of the most refined WOLF DRAWN edits to date. skills on both sides here. pure fucking gold entertainment. if you dont watch this, you are a fucking idiot.
for allcity

chicago only

ralph headed up to chicago and snagged some killer clips. lots of good shit to look at in here. probably ralphs most exciting edit so far haha. really fucking digging this one.


if you havent seen this one yet /// you fuckin up.

angel macias

he obviously stacked clips for this one. lengthy edit with some good shit in the mix. angel stays holding it down.


quick edit with some black and white styles.

skate shiTT

sick creative skate to a classic nas track /// #youknowwhatsgood


back from the dead /// im enjoying the visuals on this one.

quick clip /// proud cat

coming soon


dont ask dont tell, just watch it///i dont need to justify my post.


this ones long and has some good shit in it /// but whats really good is seeing some THIETH shirts out in the wild. real fucking pumped on the TTv shout out at 3:47 /// half way across the planet they pushin these shirts. so fucking sick.


lots of pedal checking, but hes not scared to slam or try some new shit.

taiwan checking in

fixie shiTT

this ones got it all/// track stands, gold sprints, racing, fixie tricking haha. im just psyched to see some tarck shit in the mix and some fuckers out there racing on freestyle whips.




yeah, its a re-run, who gives a fuck, this is like my favorite episode.